Bright Stars scholarships!

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Scholarships are offered to cover up to 75% of tuition. 

We are currently accepting applications for a waiting list. Intown Stars is actively fundrasising for this program now, and will be prepared to offer scholarships beginning in the Fall of 2019. 

To donate to the Bright Stars Scholarship Fund, please click here. These awesome kiddos are so happy you did! 

The event with Laurie Hernandez originally scheduled for Feb. 23 has been postponed to the fall due to scheduling conflicts. We are working with Lucas Sports (our partner) to confirm a new date and will announce it once we have secured one.


All contests won will be awarded when Laurie visits in the fall. When fundraising was originally scheduled to end on Wednesday, Feb. 20 at 11:59 p.m., the top 5 overall fundraisers will be guaranteed the top 5 spots at the lunch table with Laurie and the top 2 will be guaranteed to sit next to Laurie at lunch. 


Once a new date is selected, we will continue with fundraising for the Bright Stars Scholarship Fund and we will continue to offer unique experiences with Laurie! Gymnasts will have more time to fundraise and win more.


We are waiting for Laurie's agents to let us know when she is available in the Fall - stay tuned!