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This year we will host our second annual ninja camps during the weeks of:


July 16-20 (Little Ninjas)

June 11-15
July 23-27


FULL DAY - $350/Week

HALF DAY - $240/Week OR $60/Day

For one hour each morning, students will participate in a martial arts classes featuring padded weapons, stunts and dive rolls, elements of Parkour, and other fun antics they can show off in their next battle.

The day will be filled with lots of fun activities to build your child's Jedi mind-tricks, and work on balance and coordination.  

We will also go to the pool each day, so come prepared with a swimming suit and towel!  


Parkour/Freerunning: Levels of Experience


Level 1: 

Student is starting to explore and control the ranges and possibilities of their body while learning the essential parkour techniques. This level includes basic, low impact, moves that are important building blocks of parkour. All students should learn how to perform these techniques before moving on to higher levels.

  • Safety Roll

  • Quadra-petal Movement

  • Basic balance

  • Precision Jumps / Strides

  • Basic Vaults

Level 2:

Student has developed natural body awareness and can easily be taught to attempt new techniques. Students also need to be fit, and of suitable size to be able to confront the range of obstacles presented to them. In this level, students will start to learn the core movements of parkour and how they are applied to different situations.

  • Multitude of vaults

  • Wall run

  • Bar work

  • Climb-ups

Offered in a Mini-Session of 8 weeks.
Classes for boys & girls ages 5 and up!

Check Out What Real Ninjas Learn!

Level 3:

 Student has obtained a high proficiency of the basic techniques of parkour, and these skills are habitually mixed into their movement. They are required to have at least a solid grasp on all techniques taught in Level 2. These students should also have developed intermediate spatial awareness, and better control over their bodies and their movements during practice. In this level, “flow” is taught extensively, as well as more advanced vaults. Additionally, beginner flips can begin being introduced to the movement.

  • Flow

  • Advanced vaults

  • Flips

Coach Young Kim

Our very own American Ninja Warrior Season 9 competitor, Young graduated from Moody Bible Institute in Chicago, IL in 2006. He moved back to Atlanta to start his career as a personal trainer. Certified through American College of Sports Medicine he has worked with all age clients and athletes over the years. His diverse training background has allowed him to compete in various sports ranging from triathlons to body building. He is thrilled to help us grow our Parkour programming.