Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) 

1. Do you offer trial classes before enrolling?

We do not offer trial classes. We protect our student to teacher ratio and therefore are not able to offer a class to someone not enrolled. However, a family can observe any class at any time, and we are confident that the child will love the class.  If you enroll and change your mind, you may submit a request to drop the class by emailing

2. Is the tuition a monthly fee? 

Tuition is billed monthly on the 3rd of the month. Our classes run for a full school year, you may drop a class at any time and the child is welcome to continue class through the end of the paid month with no future tuition charges. You must keep an active credit card on file with us while your child is in class.   

3. How will gymnastics benefit my child? 

Gymnastics provides many great benefits.  Aside from the increased muscular strength, flexibility and balance, your child’s self-confidence and self-esteem will also be given a boost while having an opportunity work on and develop social skills.

4. How do I know what level to start my child? 

If your child does not have any prior gymnastics experience, please enroll him/her in a kindergym or beginner class. If your child has some gymnastics class experience and you are unsure what level to enroll your child, please call the gym at (404) 330-8988 to speak with someone who will you determine the appropriate level.  Until age 5, we offer age-based classes.  Once your child (5y/o) has completed kindergym to has turned 6 we offer classes based on skill level.  

5. What does my child wear to gymnastics class? 

Girls should wear a leotard to class or a t-shirt and shorts without buttons, zippers or snaps.  Boys should wear a t-shirt and shorts without buttons, zippers or snaps. No shoes or socks for gymnastics, though for some Parkour or Ninja classes, shoes are required. Please make sure all long hair is pulled back into a ponytail to keep hair out of the eyes/face while participating in class. Be sure to take off any jewelry.  Stud earrings may be worn.  

6. What happens if I miss a class? 

We do not offer makeup classes for missed classes. We protect our student to teacher ratio and are therefore unable to schedule makeup classes.  However, we do have open gym, which should be used to make up a missed class, and your child is encouraged to make use of the extra time in the gym to work on skills. To schedule an open gym make up slot, please email

7. How much does it cost to switch classes or move up a level for my child ? 

It does not cost you to switch classes. Sometimes scheduling needs change throughout the year and we are happy to accommodate. Though moving classes should be minimized for the sake of consistency for the gymnast. Simply call the gym at (404) 330-8988 or email, and request a class transfer. 

8. Can I stay to watch the class? 

Absolutely, please feel free to stay and watch your child!  Feel free to sit on the chairs inside the gym or make use of the couches and chairs in the front seating area or upstairs in our parent observation deck. For safety purposes we ask that parents and siblings stay off the floor at all times. 

9. What is your cancellation policy? If he/she is no longer able to make the class each week, will we get our money back? 

To cancel a class we simply require a written notice.  Our motto is “Kids like it here” and we hope yours will too and will stick with it!  However, in the event of an injury or your schedule no longer permits making a weekly class, we are happy to accomodate and will add a drop date to your account.

10.  How do I know if my child is ready to move on to a more challenging class? 

When your child is ready to move on to a more challenging class you will be notified by the coach.  This may occur mid session, between sessions or at the end of the year. Every child progresses at a different rate.